What Is Pre Wedding Photography

What Is Pre Wedding Photography

What Is Pre Wedding Photography?

As its name implies, the pre-wedding happens prior to the wedding, the same as an engagement session. They would like to be observed in their own wedding attire, and don’t have any bookings or superstitions, and do not buy into any conventional worries American couples may have about doing this.

These sessions may last anywhere from a four-hour shoot into a multi-day marathon between leased cars and planes, places that need large cash to rent out to your afternoon, wardrobe changes, prop weapons, and theatrical makeup! They truly are an adventure.

Even though the terms are frequently used interchangeably, there’s a small gap between pre engagement and wedding photography.

While the two picture sessions are taken before the actual wedding day, pre wedding photography sees that the couples sporting their whole wedding outfits. Engagement photography, on the other hand, gets the couples sporting clothing they wouldn’t wear on their wedding day, typical casual outfits.

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