Popular Photography Websites

Popular Photography Websites

Popular Photography Websites

CurrentPhotographer.com — This website has an enormous amount of excellent content. When you first get to the website, you might be tempted to jump past lots of the content since the navigation is catchy, but I advise hovering on the “Tips and Techniques” section to discover the goods. Here is a fantastic article on landscape photography for your reading.

EPhotoZine.com — This website has great info, particularly for beginning and intermediate photographers. I would advise this overall landscape photography article as a beginning point.

PhotographyTalk.com — This is a massive website with an active community supporting it. The posts on the website are nicely illustrated and cover significant topics for photographers. You might come across this informative article on auto pilot to be useful.

The website has many useful articles.

PixelatedPhotographer.com — This is a brand new website to me, however, it appears to get great content for photographers who like the geeky side of photography and attempt to keep up with tech information. I think a lot of you’d come across this article on wireless flash to be useful.

Burrard-Lucas. Com/blog — I have read this website for quite a while. The photographers also have thought up some intriguing photography jobs and discuss all of the items they’re considering on the website. Certainly, their most renowned post is the one around the BeetleCam.

This informative article on introducing versions is a terrific starting point.

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