KURVD Lens Cap Review

KURVD Lens Cap

KURVD Lens Cap

KUVRD has established a one-size-fits-all Universal Lens Cap (ULC) designed to protect lenses against toxic elements, such as water and dirt, in addition to minor drops. Just referred to as the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap, this ULC is produced out of silicone that may extend to accommodate different lens shapes and sizes, such as both front and rear of the lens.

Besides being water- and – dust-proof, KUVRD clarifies its ULC  “never drops off” and helps absorb shocks.

1 cap may absorb a small amount of a fall, but photographers who need a higher amount of bump/drop protection can layer a few KUVRD ULCs, putting one lens cap over a second until you’ve got several quite comfy layers of rubber between your lens and the components. When not being used, KUVRD could be folded and stored in a compact place, like a pocket or wallet.

Photographers (if you have already been doing so long ), will come to understand that lens caps are not really yours. They belong to circumstance, and we just borrow them for some time until we necessarily lose them reclaimed from the world. It’s only a jolt actually, needing a remedy; a cure that the group at KUVRD believes that they have found using their ULC (universal lens cap) KUVRD.

But, I am not so sure they’ve. In reality, I believe in part, they have neglected, but in the process made something which may be even more precious.

That is the principal problem, and likely down to naming. Can it match all lenses because the advertising tagline says?

So while the tagline is as catchy as the flu, it is once I started to distance my thoughts from it KUVRD started to make more sense.

But it’s not going to take the place of a typical lens cap since it’s much more challenging to wear than the usual TLC (conventional lens cap), which means it is not the most conducive to quick programs and removals. It is intended to fit like a glove and remain on, so it is kind of difficult to elongate. That is also a little more of an issue when using lens hoods because acquiring them over those could be rough, even when a hood is on backward.

Additionally, a TLC is a tough barrier between the lens’ front part and whatever could hit on it. As soon as the KUVRD is about the lens it is shielded in the micro-elements, however, you are still able to hit front part through it, through the silicon. I started to use the lens cap and KUVRD collectively for something which really felt powerful and secure unlike anything else.

Well, basically, it is a thick, trendy, acoustic condom to the lens, to protect it from ecological intruders of all types, front and rear. I am talking dust, hail, rain, sand, debris, and also the not-so-silent-lens-killer, sand. And that is a helluva great thing.

As soon as we have a lens cap on the camera, then we are not lulled into believing the lens is shielded, no. We know those things pop with simplicity, aren’t hermetically sealed, and they actually serve to only protect the front part. Together with KUVRD, on the flip side, it is a small different story.

Well, if you’re an outside photographer who’s frequently moving around and exposed to the components, or in case you’re like me and you are shooting at the shore with frequency, then obtaining a few KUVRDs on your luggage is a wonderful thing to get.

Though some may say it is a solution seeking an issue, I feel convinced those issues will introduce themselves. And, when you leave the lens cap and in addition to that place a KUVRD — that is a pretty damn sweet refuge.

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