Guide Of Drones Used For Public Safety

Drones Used For Public Safety

Guide Of Drones Used For Public Safety

Since drones become more easily accessible, the technology has captured the attention of public security officials who view them as a new tool to maintain first responders and the public protected.

Drones are no more a novelty thing amongst law enforcement and public security departments. The exact same little unmanned aircraft programs which have been popular amongst amateurs and industrial customers are now desired by a increasing number of agencies across the United States.

Our study indicates that at 347 local and state police, sheriff, fire, and emergency units have obtained drones in the previous several decades.

More acquisitions happened in 2016 than in the preceding decades combined, along with the rate of acquisitions reveals no signs of slowing down. In a poll of open source literature and general public documents, we’ve gathered the most comprehensive, publicly-available accounts of law enforcement and public security departments which have been reported to have obtained drones.

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