Find Parrott Drone For Sale

Parrott Drone

Find Parrott Drone For Sale

The Parrot Drone Bebop 2 may fly over 37mph and withstand winds of the exact rates, and also a slowdown to a standstill inside four seconds. It’s a Follow Me feature to monitor you as you are biking, jogging, climbing, or anything else you may do, and it utilizes GPS to monitor its location and return home again once you are done.

Its camera can take in 1080p full HD resolution, and take fantastic pictures using its own ductless 14-megapixel lens.

It’s double the battery lifetime of the first Bebop, and also the battery currently locks into position, rather than being badly secured using a Velcro strap.

The drone body looks otherwise practically identical to its predecessor, even though the rotors have now been color coded to make it somewhat easier to remember where each one goes. By itself, with no optional remote controller and also Wi-Fi variety extender, the Bebop is incredibly light and compact.

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