Find Large Format Photography Workshops

Large Format Photography Workshops

Find Large Format Photography Workshops

This sort of camera provides tremendous flexibility, fantastic picture quality and a distinctive photographic standpoint. Terrific Photography is still being made with this kind of camera.

When the basic principles of this fine art and commercial photographer, the perspective camera was bypassed by quicker cameras and instantaneous procedures. Within this two-day workshop we’ll slow down the picture making rhythm and learn more about the creative control which may be accomplished using large format cameras.

This course is intended for people who have not ever used a view camera, people who wish to reacquaint themselves or people who want to master the camera to get wet plate procedures.

Using large format cameras in the course and on place, students will understand the methods that enable the view camera to be this flexible when avoiding expensive pitfalls attempting to find it out by trial and error.

Learn best practices from loading movie in odd locations to utilizing view camera moves in adjusting architecture or changing the plane of focus for imaginative distortions.

Topics include picking camera versions from rail, subject, and specialized cameras and ideas on purchasing used large format gear. Large format picture types, formats and sizes will be discussed alongside lens options, metering, processing and printing choices.

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