Find Canon Photography Contests

Canon Photography Contests

Find Canon Photography Contests

Rather than only staring longingly in the sunrise B&W shot you picked in Shenandoah, remembering life outside the cubicle, think about using it to assess a followup excursion. The massive camera and equipment manufacturers frequently sponsor picture contests and give away money, trips, and their specific goods as prizes. Each person could submit up to ten pictures, so include a variety.

The competition is split into two groups, teens and adults, together with 10 winners being picked from every.

A panel of judges will select the best 20 finalists and set them online for individuals voting. Photographs can not depict some people, and while a reasonable quantity of post-production tweaking is allowed, any too Photoshopped picture will be disqualified. Regardless of the fact that you do keep all rights to your own picture, there’s a significant bit of small print you might choose to examine before uploading.

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