Dgi Drone

Dgi Drone

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If all you need is something to catch aerial footage on event for individual use and social-media sharing, and also you do not require advanced flight attributes or collision-avoidance technologies, you can save a few hundred dollars by obtaining the DJI Phantom 3 Standard.

It’s all of the important core features you want from a movie drone, for example, high-resolution 2.7K movie recording, fantastic picture and flight insertion, and restricted smart-flight modes such as Follow Me (monitors and follows a topic) and Point of Interest (encompasses a subject whilst shooting video and photos).

However, it does not fold up, it is accompanied by an obsolete control, and it is restricted to some half-mile working scope. DJI recently declared the Spark and the Phantom 3 SE, two drones with pricing and attributes very similar to those of this Phantom 3 Standard. We discuss them equally at the What to anticipate segment.

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