Best Drone Defense Technology

Drone Defense

Best Drone Defense Technology

An enormous increase in the amount of high-end consumer drones, together with varying levels of operator wisdom and regulatory authorities, presents a threat for companies, amenities, and events that have to be understood and handled.

Using a drone defense plan, you specify how your business or business views the danger and how you intend to prepare and react.

DroneShield utilizes acoustic technologies to detect incoming drones around 150 yards and transmits e-mails or text messages into a tracking service.

Prisons have begun using the product to prevent the drones from providing contraband like cell phones of medication to prisoners.

DroneShield demonstrated it could also function in a more rapid, less secure environment as it deployed sensors at the 2015 and 2016 Boston Marathon. The whole marathon course was declared that the “no-drone zone” by city officials.

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