Affordable Newborn Photography Nyc

Affordable Newborn Photography Nyc

Affordable Newborn Photography, NYC

Brie Mulligan is an on-location portrait and lifestyle photographer, previously based in Brooklyn, NY and now centered Montclair, NJ, who specializes in adolescents, families, children, and practitioners.

Brie strives to catch families and people in an innovative and realistic manner and does not feel a thriving portrait is always defined by means of a grin. Some of her favorite pictures catch silent and individual moments. Nevertheless, she has lots of favorites, which involve pleasure, silliness, and bliss.

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Chavi Malka Photography. As a full-service photographer, her objective is to give customers a memorable and unique pieces of artwork from their lifetimes.

She does so by getting to understand their particular requirements and customizing their own session so. Besides having a diploma in graphic art, Chavi can be a mother to a lot of adorable little ones that she loves photographing all of the time. When her children were born, Chavi always found myself analyzing what pictures related, from light to minute compositional information.

Because of this, she takes photographs which produce your heart sing as photographs of her children have because of her.

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